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13 October 2016

The Future of Manchester’s Hotel Market

The Future of Manchester’s Hotel Market

A great morning talking about the future of the Manchester hotel market #mcrhotels

Our Percipient Sales & Marketing team have just come back from a bright and breezy business breakfast meeting this morning that we sponsored in collaboration with BusinessCloud Magazine on the future of Manchester’s Hotel sector. Here is our summary of some of the interesting topics of discussion that were had this morning.

With the great panel of 8 speakers to talk to us about all things hotel, and everyone receiving a very warm welcome from BusinessCloud’s very own Chris Maguire, the event was set up to be a great success. Chris playing the role of the compere for the panel of speakers, really lightening up the mood of the event with his witty humour, especially about Matt Miller, Sales Manager at Hotel Gotham, and his outfit of choice for the day, as well as doing a brilliant job of keeping the entire crowd engaged for the whole event. Matt Miller says that Hotel Gotham is very much focused on the customer experience when people stay with them, going on to state they aim to offer a personalised experience to each and every visitor who stays with them.

When Nick Brooks-Sykes came to speak, the topic of international visitors was discussed, saying that in 2015 London had a total of 600 million international visitors compared to Manchester’s 1.3 million visitors. Chris Maguire then asked if this number could be effected by Brexit, this number being highly likely to decrease because of Brexit as international visitors may want to visit somewhere else in Europe because of Britain’s departure from the European Union.

With a high focus on the future of the hotel Sector in Manchester, technology in the industry was mentioned by multiple speakers. Adam Munday, the General Manager of INNSIDE Manchester, said that “I think that one-day hotel rooms will no longer TV screens in them, but instead a projected image that can be connected to your phone so you can screen anything you like”. Eventually Percipient’s very own David Schubert added that he believes “people want a seamless experience when they go to a hotel”, adding that having an efficient data management system can really help with the process in which visitors can check in and go straight to their rooms, improving on the quality of experience each visitor has when they visit a hotel.

Percipient were excited to sponsor this event. To get a clear view on your financial transformation and how this can help you offer a unique experience to your customers go to

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