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2 January 2018

Percipient Attend UKOUG 2017

Percipient Attend UKOUG 2017

Hosted in the impressive environment that is the Birmingham International Conference Centre, the 2017 UKOUG drew speakers and delegates from all parts of the UK.  From the many presentations given by end-users and Oracle alike it was clear that the way forward for IT in all companies is ‘Cloud’.   Time and again speakers pushed the cost effectiveness, reliability and sheer speed of the Cloud infrastructure, and repeatedly expanded on the many benefits of having Oracle host part or all of a company’s IT infrastructure.

My colleague, Mike, and I focussed on presentations in Data Analytics, and it is fair to say that these dominated the conference.  Many acronyms and buzz phrases such as BIC (Business Intelligence in the Cloud), OAC (Oracle Analytics in the Cloud) and ‘Big-Data’ were liberally tossed around.  However, it was clear that with the power of Oracle’s hosting environments, these analytic systems have the ability to crunch through massive volumes of data with performance levels far greater than anything most organizations could achieve with their own hardware.  This ‘Big-Data’ can now be rapidly presented in graphical form suitable for all areas of an organization, allowing executives and decision makers to spot patterns and trends that in the past could easily have been missed.

One thing that really stuck me about Oracle’s cloud offering, particularly in the Data Analytics arena is its scalability.  It was obvious from the presentations, that Oracle are targeting all businesses large and small, with everything from ‘entry-level’ reporting capability to the hosting of an organization’s entire IT estate.

Our day at the UKOUG has reaffirmed the belief Mike and I already held, that Data Analytics in the Cloud is the future.

Steve Flynn – Senior Oracle Consultant

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