What do we do differently? We start with you.

As a specialist, we can look at all sorts of ways to help your business, using ERP and more – as you’ll see. But before we do anything else, we look at precisely what you need.

We’ll look at what you’re doing now. What issues your business faces. And, crucially, where your business wants to be. Once we fully understand what will work for you, we’ll look at how best to achieve it. As every business is different though, so is every solution.

Because of our industry experience and expertise, we can choose the most suitable platform for you. We can help you decide which services you’ll need. And our team of dedicated consultants can tailor each system, service and module to suit your business perfectly.

So the solution we deliver is designed to make a real difference to the way you work.

Our Approach

Business System Implementation

After we’ve looked at how your business can benefit from an ERP system, we’ll work collaboratively with you to decide what’s best for your business. We’ll agree on the requirements and any activity up-front. And you’ll be involved throughout the process, right up to training.

Unlike many ERP providers we work with both Oracle and Sage, and are fully accredited with both. That means you can be confident in our abilities whatever solution we implement, and in our own teams’ abilities to make sure your system is perfect for your needs.

The quality of our implementation is comprehensively monitored, documented and reviewed at every stage of the process too. So whether you’re familiar with ERP systems or not, you can be sure of a first-class implementation.

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Business System Support

Just as the efficiencies our solutions bring are invaluable to your business, so is comprehensive support you can rely on. That’s why we offer PercipientAdvance.

Our dedicated support teams take ownership of any issues and responsibility for their resolution, backed by comprehensive technical expertise direct from the vendor.

PercipientAdvance offers cover 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and combines comprehensive support with a full helpdesk facility at its base in Cheshire, UK. Although other levels of service are available, if your system is critical to your business, we believe this level is vital to make sure you’re fully safeguarded.

Percipient Advance 1

Entry level support package offering complementary cover to your own internal teams or procedures you may already have in place:

  • Service desk UK business hours
  • Remote support access
Percipient Advance 2

Ideal for more complex environments needing pro-active as opposed to re-active support. We take responsibility for monitoring your system and alerting you on potential issues before they occur.

Includes all the features of PercipientAdvance1 plus:

  • Flexible service desk hours to cover extended business hours if needed
  • Dedicated support team
  • Built in management and reporting
  • Critical incident and bug fix patching
  • Quarterly health check
Percipient Advance 3

Offers round-the-clock support where the system is fundamental to your business. Includes all the features of PercipientAdvance 1 and 2 plus:

  • 24/7 support coverage
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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Compliance & Validation

Like many of our other services, Compliance and Validation can be offered independently of implementing an entire ERP system.

Our wide-ranging experience of life sciences and validation compliance can prove invaluable whatever ERP system you’re implementing, to make sure it fully complies to the highest standards.

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Hosting & Managed Services

Reduce costs, minimise risks, improve efficiencies, tighten security and streamline operations. Just a few of the benefits of using our hosting and managed services.

In the past, businesses had to create their own IT infrastructures, investing in and administering expensive servers, storage, cooling systems and more. Using our hosting services eliminates all that.

We store, manage and protect all your software, information and shared resources at extremely secure data centres – so you know your critical data is always safe. We offer flexible support options too, from assisting your internal teams to hosting and managing your entire business system, including applications, databases, Operating Systems and cloud-based services – and we can take care of maintaining and updating all the hardware and software.

In its simplest terms, you’ll have a solution that’s flexible enough to grow with you.

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Database (DBA) Support

Managing, maintaining and maximising databases is vital to your business. Especially as you need accurate data to give you the insight you need to make ‘data-driven’ decisions.

Our team has the experience and expertise to focus on every aspect of database administration, from configuration and upgrades to maintenance and disaster recovery. And with ERP and CRM systems running alongside, we can make sure your database is fully optimised for the application, and vice versa.

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As you’d expect with any fundamental change in the way you work, training is a key part of implementing any of our solutions.

Our specialist training teams will work with your own personnel to make sure people in key positions have the knowledge they need in place, with everything they need to disseminate the necessary information down through your business.

With more complex projects, we’ll work on-site as long as it takes to make sure everyone in your organisation is able to make the best use of your new technology. It’s an integral part of our support, designed to make the entire change process as smooth and seamless as possible.

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Oracle University

Percipient are an Oracle University provider

Designed specifically for businesses working with Oracle products, the University offers an extensive range of training courses to give members of your team much more in-depth knowledge of the systems and software they’ll be working with.

As an Oracle University partner, we can offer access to relevant courses, together with regular updates and developments.

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Bespoke Development

Just as no two businesses are the same, neither are the solutions we provide. In certain cases, that means more than just adapting an existing product; it means creating a completely tailored system.

With that in mind, we have the necessary in-house expertise to be able to develop bespoke solutions, albeit usually based on the Oracle or Sage framework, which will perfectly meet your unique needs.

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Process Reviews

If you already have an ERP system in place, we can still help you. Whether you’re having specific issues or simply feel it’s not doing what you expected, we can give you an objective view.

Firstly we’ll check that you’re using your system in the most efficient way, and then use our knowledge to suggest what improvements or areas could be implemented to help you get the most from your system.

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System Health Checks

Whatever system your business has in place, whether it’s a proprietary ERP system or not, we can review how well it works and how it might work more efficiently for you.

If it’s been supplied by us, we’ll carry out regular checks to ensure you’re achieving the improvements in efficiency and working practices we expected, and make any adjustments as necessary.

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Data Migration

Virtually any project we undertake involves moving data from an existing system into a new Sage or Oracle ERP system.

But our experience is such that we can also offer this data migration service independently – as we have for a number of clients. Our knowledge and expertise of Sage and Oracle software can help to significantly speed up the process. So even though we may not be implementing a full system, we can help you import or export your data faster and more effectively.

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