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26 April 2018

Sage X3 Becomes Sage Enterprise Management

Sage X3 Becomes Sage Enterprise Management

Sage X3 is Changing

We are always told that change is good and we all know that change is at the heart of innovation – to innovate enables businesses to succeed and grow.

Sage have recently launched their Sage Business Cloud to offer customer focused solutions rather than a range of products that don’t appear connected in anyway. Sage Business Cloud will ensure that all customers are supported whatever their customer journey on the same platform.

Sage have incorporated core cloud products within Sage Business Cloud across:

  • Accounting
  • Financials
  • Enterprise Management
  • People
  • Payroll
  • Payments and Banking.

It also offers a thriving ecosystem with hundreds of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to provide feature rich, additional functionality from start-ups through to scale-ups to enterprise.

Sage ERP Sysyems

Sage Enterprise Management is an ERP system designed for growing businesses as it is highly scalable and feature rich, incorporating every business function possible.

Sage X3 is now to be known as Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management. The Sage Data Management & Analytics (SDMA) offerings will now be known as Enterprise Management Data & Analytics (EMDA).

In the statement from Sage when it first announced the move back in October, Stephen Kelly, CEO of Sage said:

‘Sage Business Cloud is the next transformative wave of business software. As the fourth industrial revolution continues to take hold, we want to make our customers lives simple. Businesses of all shapes and sizes need products that aid productivity, enable them to respond at lightning speed and deliver insights as well as opportunity. We have our foot on the gas and are ready to meet the needs of the most important people to our business – our customers. And we are just getting started.’

Sage Business Cloud does not force customers to use cloud but provides them with the ability to move to the cloud in the future on the same platform.

Percipient have been implementing and supporting Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management systems since 2013 and have proven to transform finance functions across a number of industries; key ones being Leisure & Hospitality. Read our white paper on how we can transform your finance function.

Sian Dykins | Business Services Director

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