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15 March 2017

Percipient Business Admin Apprenticeship

Percipient Business Admin Apprenticeship

Aleisha recently joined the Percipient Finance & Admin team as a Business Administration Apprentice. We have finally managed to catch up with her to ask a few questions and to get to know her a little more…


How long have you been at Percipient? – I have been at Percipient for 3 months now. It has gone by incredibly fast!

What do you enjoy most so far about your job? – Playing an integral part in the business, doing expenses, booking consultant travel and checking company credit cards, all these jobs matter to the business and are important so I enjoy doing them.

What have you found the most challenging? – Learning to use the business systems and making sure I’m as detailed as possible with the information I’m inputting.

Do you enjoy every day at Percipient? – I enjoy every day at Percipient as I have never done a job like this before, its great learning from an Apprentice perspective as I’m learning from experienced people in the office. I am always happy at the thought of coming to work and what tasks I may be presented with; my job is quite diverse as I get to do many tasks within the Admin and Finance Departments.

Describe your job in three words… – Important, Challenging, Diverse

What are you most excited about working at Percipient? – Gaining lots of experience from the staff here at Percipient and being able to learn and develop my Career in Business and Finance.

What advice would you give to someone interested in a Business Administration Apprenticeship? – If you want to do any form of Business work this is the best stepping stone for you. This course covers a wide range of jobs and duties in the workplace and gives you the key experience that most employers look for.

Have you always been interested in Business Administration? – Not at all, only since I turned 18 and developed a level head. Before this I was set on doing Game Development, but once I learned that was a rocky industry I looked at getting a job role that was key to most companies and that is Business Administration.

What have you been up to in your first few months? – Firstly, I had to learn where everything was and organise the files I would be using daily into a more efficient layout. I have learned how to order stationary for the office and how to book travel for the consultants; learning how to do the credit card checks and how to input purchase invoices. All in all, it has been a busy start to my new career here at Percipient.

With the work-related questions out of the way, it’s time to get to know Aleisha a little better…

Play any sports? – Football, but only with friends and family and I also like cycling with friends, when the weather is nice.

Where do you look for inspiration? – My Mum has always been my biggest inspiration, always telling me I was meant for bigger things. She’s always told me not to be stuck in a retail job like she was and I’ve stuck to that, I’ve only used my past retail jobs as stepping stones to get me to where I am now.

What’s the best task you have done to date? – My academic achievements are the thing I feel best about, I always wanted good grades throughout school I even moved school as I felt I wasn’t learning enough. It paid off and I got many GCSE’s at B grade and one A grade, this got me into my Game Development course at college where I got a triple Distinction on a BTEC Level 3 (equivalent to 3 As at A level).

How would your friends describe you in three words? – Enthusiastic, Bubbly and Loud


Aleisha Tipton – Administrator

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