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13 March 2017

Percipient Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Percipient Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Jack has now been with us at Percipient for 6 months and is halfway through his Digital Marketing Apprenticeship scheme. We wanted to catch up with Jack’s progress and his thoughts as he embarks on his next 6 months. Here is what Jack had to say…

“As my apprenticeship has reached the half way point, I feel the amount of progression I have made has been massive. A mixture of going to the training centre in Manchester and learning a variety of different things from my manager, I believe that I have really grown as a person and have been able to develop skills that I would not have been able to do so anywhere else…”

“… Choosing whether or not to do an apprenticeship was a very long process for me. During my time at college, I was very unsure if I wanted to go to university or not, so finally coming to a decision on what I wanted to do after college was a light bulb moment that had been waiting over a year to happen. Eventually I decided that university really wasn’t for me after realising exams and I aren’t the best combination in the world so dropping out of university seemed more likely than anything to happen. In addition to that, no stupid amount of debt is always appealing…”

“… Digital Marketing is a subject that really caught my attention while looking at university courses. I will be perfectly honest, beforehand I didn’t really know what marketing was. Reading about marketing courses on the internet from different universities is what really started to spark my interest. After that, one trip to a Chester University open day and I was hooked, I knew that was what I wanted to do. The concept of marketing is what I really like the most about it, the fact that work that you produce can be potentially seen by millions of people is something that simply amazes me. One great example of this is the “Compare the meerkat” advert. This could possibly go down as one of the most annoying adverts to ever air on television, but the company is now instantly recognised thanks to this advert. An advert so simple worked its way into a nations head and firmly planted it feet, and many years later is still being used as a base for marketing at Compare The Market…”

“… As with starting any new job, there is always some sort of challenge that needs to be tackled one way or another. For me, this challenge came in the form of profiling. I had been set this task to do with our sales director, in which we had to call some contacts, ask them about a recent email campaign that was sent out and try and have a conversation with them if possible. Everything was going well, our sales directly was flawless, but then it was my turn… Usually, having talking with someone on the phone isn’t really a difficult task for me. But when you’re calling up about something you’re not completely confident with what you’re going to say, then nerves start to show. Time felt ten times longer, and stuttering was unavoidable in this situation. It’s safe to say that this moment was not one of my favourites in the office, and won’t be for a very long time”


Jack Smith – Marketing Apprentice

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