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Bristol Sport:
A Real, Inspirational Business Story

“This isn’t an ordinary stadium. It’s the heart of a community. Where people can leave their work behind and their cares at home. It’s the furthest place from a mechanic’s shop or a doctor’s orders. And when the crowd to comes to life, that sound you hear, it’s more than the cheers after a goal or the groan after a bad call. You’re listening to a heartbeat.”

Hear Gavin Marshall, CFO of Bristol Sport, tell the inspiring journey of Bristol’s affiliated football, rugby, and basketball clubs.

Bristol Sport: A Real, Inspirational Business Story

Modern cloud-based management systems (known as ERP) are transforming the hotel industry, helping businesses to work better, faster and smarter by giving you a complete overview of your organisation and its customers. Percipient are the experts in implementing such systems.

Cloud Based

Percipient gives you a clearer
view of your business with:

  • Centralised Finance Function
  • Seamless Integration with other key hotel systems such as Opera
  • Central management of multiple sites giving you rooms,occupancy and covers information
    at a group level
  • Business Intelligence with real-time reporting using highly visual dashboards

Using a Sage X3 management system, Percipient recently helped a leading hotel chain operate more efficiently and realise significant cost savings through shared services over multiple sites. The system was implemented quickly, and now provides complete and instant visibility across the whole business.


No centralised view System Integration Issues


Sage X3 Business Management System


Complete and instant visibilty Significant cost savings

Sage X3
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