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Oracle Financials Cloud

Modern Finance for Modern Business

The move from Classic Finance to Modern Finance will benefit your business

Classic Finance spends a lot of time collecting data, maintaining spreadsheets and developing reports, leaving a small amount of time for analysis and no time for anything else.

Modern Finance spends significantly less time collecting data allowing plenty of time for analysis and spends quality time interacting with decision makers. Time is still available to work on strategic initiatives and even personal development.

Many challenges face the Modern Finance Organisation:
  • The Business demands more insightful information, faster
  • Lots of time is spent manipulating data
  • More collaboration is needed
  • Constant pressure to keep costs low

It is imperative that Modern Finance understands what data matters and when it is needed, that finance professionals are embedded throughout the business, productivity is increased using mobile and social means and routine transactions are simplified, standardized and automated.

Modern Finance in the Cloud

Modern Finance Cloud
The four key benefits for the Financials Cloud are around:

Simplify your financial business processes and technology requirements


Collaborate with others using embedded social elements.


Control your costs with increased productivity.


Accelerate your decision making with real-time information.

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