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13 January 2016

Innovation Management Webinar

Innovation Management Webinar

With the competitiveness of the marketplace today, often the ‘edge’ or USP for a business is as a result of their ability to innovate in a crowded market.

So how do we capture those ideas and make sense of them? So often ideas and suggestions get lost in the day to day running of our businesses and something more important always seems to take precedence.

All too often people say this is easy, well, if it was then why don’t we do it all the time! The answer is probably due to not capturing the ideas in an efficient way and then not make best use of the resources available to exploit the idea.

Knowing what your ideas are, where they are and being able to track the activities against them is half the battle.

Innovation will not happen without taking a good look at how you as a business and individuals are dealing with change. Innovation and change are good partners and they must work together as part of the solution to bring about that edge or USP for your business.

So, get the culture right and then think about the business tools that you can use to manage, track and optimise that ideation process into new ways of thinking!

Register for our Innovation Management Webinar on Thursday 21st January, where you’ll hear me talk about bridging the gap between strategy and execution.

Neal Lynch | Senior Project Manager | Percipent

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