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The manufacturing sector is our company’s heritage, it is where we have a large portion of our customer base and is the background of a lot of our consultants, some of whom have worked in the industry.

For over a decade Percipient have worked with manufacturing customers across the UK and Europe to implement, support and evolve their ERP and other business systems.

We recognise that in an increasingly complex global economy, having the right systems in place is vital. They need to effectively support your strategy – whether your focus is on product innovation, customer service, quality or low cost. And with our knowledge and experience, we can help make sure they do.

From product concept to full scale production, procurement to after sales service, the solutions we implement will ensure your products have quality built-in, with full traceability to comply with regulations and that your costs are optimised.

Whether you manufacture on a Make to Stock, Engineer to Order, Assemble to Order or Configure to Order basis, we can support your:

  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Value Chain Planning Procurement and Sourcing
  • Order Management and Distribution
  • Financial Control
  • Human Resource Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Mixed Mode Production Management (Process, Flow, Project or Discrete)
  • Warehouse Management

Our solutions can help manufacturing businesses and organisations achieve all this and more.

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