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The way goods are stored, picked, packed and shipped has changed enormously in the last 15 years. So the demand for first class distribution and logistics solutions has never been greater.

At Percipient, we have many years’ experience of delivering improvements in supply chains, working in partnership with all manner of businesses to provide the most suitable answer.

Whether that’s your entire distribution process, business intelligence reporting or a simpler solution, we have experience in delivering tangible benefits for our customers.

Some of the benefits the solutions we can deliver are:

  • Quick, easy and efficient order entry
  • across the global supply chain improve real-time visibility that ensures transparency for all, from suppliers to customers
  • Empower your sales force to be mobile – with 360 degree visibility on your customers
  • Improve purchasing decisions and margins, whilst managing supplier quality and performance.
  • Ability to automate warehouses

Our solutions can help distribution businesses and organisations achieve all this and more.

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