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9 October 2015

5 reasons to thank the Cloud

5 reasons to thank the Cloud

Being one of the leading ERP providers, based in Cheshire in the North West, we deal with some very forward-thinking clients who completely understand concepts such as cloud computing.

But that still doesn’t stop us occasionally being asked “What’s the Cloud done for us?” Actually, more than you might think. Here are five ways it’s already changed business for the better.

1. Remote working

The idea of working any time anywhere has been around a long time – but the Cloud actually makes it possible to log in and recreate your office set-up remotely. Worried about productivity? There’s cloud-based software to monitor that too!

2. Access new technology

At one time, only the biggest organisations could afford the latest innovations. But the Cloud’s subscription-based model gives everyone a chance to access top-notch technologies to help them grow their business (Cloud ERP’s just one example).

3. Easier accounting

Cloud accounting software makes managing and monitoring financial information so much easier, with vital data easily accessible by those who need to view it (as long as they’re authorised, of course!).

4. Save on storage

Big data no longer needs big space – with the Cloud you can store as much or as little as you want, and as all you’re most important information is centrally archived it’s easily accessible at any time.

5. Safer data

Forget drawers and filing cabinets – information that’s stored in the Cloud is not only securely stored and encrypted to an unprecedented level, but fully backed-up. So disaster recovery is never an issue.

So if you wondered what all the fuss was about the Cloud, now you know. And this is only the start. Is the Cloud the future for ERP? Probably. And we know there are many more innovations to come…

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