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25 November 2015

ERP for Microbreweries

ERP for Microbreweries

 The toast of the food manufacturing industry…

In recent years, it’s been noticeable how many local microbreweries have sprung up in almost every town, brewing their own unique ales either to sell on draught in their own pubs or in bottles through specialist outlets or larger supermarkets. In fact, one brewery not far from our base in Cheshire recently started brewing a beer specifically for sale on Virgin’s trains!

At the other end of the spectrum, it was recently announced that brewing giants Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller were to undergo a £71bn merger. This will create a ‘megabrand’ producing no less than a third of the world’s beer – including Carling, Corona, Stella Artois, Fosters, Budweiser and Peroni. The companies have a combined total annual revenue of $73bn, more than Google or PepsiCo (and considerably more than any microbrewery we can think of!).

But what has all this got to do with ERP, you may ask.

In thinking about both ends of the same industry, as it were, it becomes easier to see how having the right ERP system – integrating and automating the core functions of a business to make them more efficient – can benefit every manufacturer, whatever its size.

For smaller businesses like the microbreweries, producing relatively small quantities on tight margins, handling their suppliers, manufacturing processes and distribution as efficiently as possible is crucial to their very survival. Whereas the newly-merged AB InBev/SABMiller will be looking at saving over £900m a year by combining operations and improving efficiency – the sort of situation where the process data and complete transparency of a leading ERP solutions such as the systems we specialise in can prove invaluable.

So if you’re in manufacturing, whether it’s on a local or global scale, talk to one of our ERP experts about how it could help you. Oh, and the first round’s on us…




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