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22 January 2016

Cloud Based ERP

Cloud Based ERP

The business world is constantly changing. Today, companies span continents rather than countries.

The planet is no longer made up of individual enterprises producing and distributing their own products, but of a global network of suppliers, manufacturers and distributors.

All are competing on a worldwide scale, so companies in developed countries often move production to developing nations where labour and capital costs are low.

It all adds up to a complex business environment, spanning thousands of miles. And at its heart is distribution and third party logistics – and, of course, ERP.

Succeeding in such a competitive, fast-moving world demands flexibility, efficiency and most of all, rigorous control of supply chain costs by managing the movement of goods or components. All areas where a good ERP system excels.

The overview and business intelligence that ERP offers is invaluable in making faster, better decisions, even when it’s across the world; and today’s solutions can easily meet the challenges of complex pricing arrangements, rebates and claims between suppliers, distributors, and customers.

But now, cloud computing takes the capabilities of ERP – and how it works with worldwide distribution – to a whole new level.

A key factor in global business is mobility, and having the cloud on your side puts you ahead of the game. How? Because wherever you are in the world, the cloud improves real-time visibility of your supply chain to everyone from suppliers to customers. Most importantly though, with 360-degree visibility it gives your sales force all the information they need while they’re in the field, such as checking stock levels, remotely approve orders or answer questions immediately.

Sound like it might be just what you’re looking for? To find out more about how cloud-based ERP can transform global distribution, talk to the North West’s leading ERP specialist – Percipient.

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