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2 January 2018

Our Day at UKOUG 2017

Our Day at UKOUG 2017

I hadn’t been to an UKOUG event for a few years with project work taking precedence and the events always coming at the wrong time – UAT starts, Go Lives etc. However, this year was different. My project had gone live, I was back in the office and looking for the next challenge – a half past four start to get to the ICC with my colleague, Steve!

I wanted to get to this event because of the agenda having a lot of emphasis on Big Data and Data Analytics. This has been a passion of mine since my time as a production engineering manager in the Electronics Industry. We had so much data available to us about products, production and particularly our assembly machines but couldn’t do a thing about analysing the data so we could look at what was happening and what anomalies we had in our data. There just weren’t the tools available then and to be fair neither was there the hardware capable of analysing the amount of data we had. So, frustration abounded.

So, 20 years on and we now have the power of the cloud to resolve the hardware issues and Analytic tools like Data Visualisation (DV), Business Intelligence in the Cloud (BIC) and Oracle Analytics in the Cloud (OAC) to help users explore and analyse their data in a way never dreamed of 20 years ago.

DV is one of the tools Oracle are pushing hard and it’s a product, we at Percipient, have actively been pushing into our customer base over the last 6 to 9 months. We’ve done a number of demonstrations and watching users eyes light up when they see their data in pictorial form is fantastic. The age old saying “A picture paints a thousand words” is never truer when you see your data visually.

Data Analytics development is very active and Steve and I wanted to see the latest developments, see where the product is going and also gauge the reaction of the users down there. So off we went to the ICC, blurry eyed on a dark and cold December day.

A brisk walk to the Hall soon woke us up and having registered, sat down for a nice cup of coffee and watched the Hall fill up with groups of users, other partners and Oracle personnel.

We’d planned the sessions in advanced and planned a very heavy day getting into as many sessions on data and data analytics as possible. The message from all the sessions was clear. Business is about data, data and more data. Those businesses that manage their data effectively and can analyse quickly and efficiently what that data Is telling them are the ones that’ll be one step ahead of the opposition. As data volumes multiply year on year – in fact doubling every two years – and data coming from different and sometimes disparate sources, it’s going to become even more important to be able to quickly explore and analyse that data.

After the event, we had to ask myself have Percipient made the right choice to move into this new area of technology? Absolutely was the answer. Our challenge now is to persuade even more businesses that Data Visualisation is a key component to the success of their business and we believe that once we get in front of customers, they’ll see the power of both Data Visualisation and the Oracle Cloud.

Mike Halpin – Senior Oracle Project Manager | Percipient

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