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Data visualisation from Oracle allows you to discover, explore and interact with your data at any time from any device using stunningly visual analysis.


Rich, interactive visuals show a true story of your data, with an incredibly user friendly interface and gives you the ability to share your insights.


Get answers quickly with fast and easy exploration of your data.


Automatically analyse data from multiple sources and easily create intelligent integrations.

Business Challenges around data

  • Data Volumes are increasing significantly year on year making being able to make sense of the data and analyse for trends, patterns, anomalies etc more onerous without the right tools and the right technical skills.
  • Data is now stored on multiple, disparate databases making analysis ever harder for end users. Often technical skills are needed to blend the data together and put into spreadsheets with rows and rows of data. Every time data within the original source changes, spreadsheets need to be updated as well, which is both time consuming and expensive.
  • Managers are expected to make decisions based on the data they have in front of them, but if they can’t easily understand this data, how do they make the correct decisions.
  • Business wants information in a way that is clearer and more insightful to the person using it. But they want it faster and keep the costs down.

Benefits of Data Visualisation

  • Do you have data scattered in many places throughout your business? Blend data from many different sources whether on premise or in the cloud using pre-built connectors.
  • Want to explore your data? Visually see your data in a way that makes spotting patterns, anomalies quicker and easier for the user.
  • Want to explore and analyse your data in a way that gets to the heart of the problem? Data Visualisation can help end users see the data in a visual form and using Visualisation’s in-built Insights allows the user then to tell the story of why a particular pattern/trend in the data exists or why there is an anomaly in the data.
  • Want to start straight away? Start analysing right away using Oracle intuitive visualisation engine. No training is required, simply drag and drop to see your data visualized automatically, change layouts and present new insights.
Our customers thoughts on Data Visualisation

“We were looking for a tool to replace our current reporting solution because it is not user friendly, not easy to change and doesn’t bring the data to life. It is costly and time consuming to create new reports. From the moment we first saw Oracle Data Visualisation we were instantly able to see anomalies and trends in our data in a pictorial form. Our team liked it as it is clearly an end user business tool and they will not be reliant on others to create output for them. We will save a great deal of time and money as it will allow us to focus on data quickly with the ability to analyse, explore and blend data from multiple sources using the power of the cloud.”

Mark Goodwin – IT Manager, Compass Minerals & DeepStore

Data Visualisation

Insights to your data

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See the signals using data visualisation

See the signals using data visualisation


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