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24 November 2017

Putting a Different Face on Your Data

Putting a Different Face on Your Data

With data volumes doubling every 2 years, companies are now starting to recognise the value in gaining valuable insights into that data.

Talking to our customers a problem they have faced has been the time spent optimising SQL queries or the configuration of data warehouses.  Report writing methods of old would require the gathering of requirements, developing against those requirements, testing and often numerous iterations before deployment.  As data volumes grow, this process becomes unmanageable.

With products like Oracle Data Visualisation we have found the solution to this problem for our customers.  Putting the power in the hands of the business end users it allows the presentation of information in a visual form, typically graphs and charts.  This allows the business to spot patterns, correlations and trends in their data that a flat standard report would not show and would therefore have often gone unnoticed.

Some of the benefits we have seen to date have included:

  • Automatically visualize data – drag and drop attributes, chart, and graphs
  • Change layouts to present new insights
  • Capture insights as visual stories
  • Save story points (snapshots of the analytical moment-in-time)
  • Add comments to highlight key discoveries

The key benefit for us has been the ability for our customers to improve decision making and promote faster action, achieved in conjunction with empowering everyone in the business to uncover the value in the data.

We believe this technology will add tremendous value to our customers and be the difference between making calculated decisions and reacting when it’s too late.  It can sit across multiple data sources allowing the access of any data, anytime, anywhere.  It is instantly mobile and available on premise and in the cloud.  Easy and engaging, secure and scalable, business analytics for the business, which really does allow you to put a different face on your data…

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