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6 January 2017

Are You Ready For AI?

Are You Ready For AI?

AI’s destined to transform many businesses in 2017 – and we’ll show you how ERP can help yours be one of them.

AI – Artificial Intelligence – seems to be constantly in the news. If it’s not driverless cars being tested or how Wall Street Traders are being outperformed by computer algorithms, it’s Stephen Hawking warning us that ‘it could be the end of the human race’.

Some say it’ll be years before machines truly have human-like intelligence. But there are others who believe it’s a lot closer than we think. But the truth is, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is already in use every day.

Talk to your computer? AI technology is behind both Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. Use a self-service checkout at the supermarket? That’s powered by AI tech too. Future possibilities are mind-boggling: AI could predict heart attacks days before you feel anything, for example.

AI is making science fiction science fact; it’s been brought about by a combination of inexpensive high speed internet, secure cloud storage, mobile technology and low-cost devices. A simple definition of AI is ‘a collection of computer algorithms that trains a predictive model when fed more data’…and there’s the key word: data.

As with AI, data is at the heart of every ERP system. To take full advantage of AI’s possibilities, businesses need a reliable, secure and evolving infrastructure. So linking AI and ERP not only makes sense but presents a fantastic opportunity.

AI is set to become the next industrial revolution, after mechanisation, engineering and globalisation. At the very least, it can improve your bottom line by dealing with low revenue-generating tasks while improving the experiences for customers, suppliers and staff.

In other words, AI will help you cut costs, boost productivity, synchronise your supply chain and improve customer service – just like one of our bespoke ERP systems.

Every industry will be affected by AI. So essentially, your choice will be to embrace and harness the power it brings – or feel the effects of it from others. That’s why it’s vital business leaders seize the opportunity. And why the analysts at Forrester predict investment in AI is set to triple in 2017.

Our recent webinar on ‘How AI will transform your business’, held in conjunction with Squirro, highlighted:

  • How your company can make substantial cost savings
  • How you can use your data to increase revenue opportunities
  • Real-world success stories from those already using insights to drive their business forward

If you missed the live event, don’t worry – you can still see how data-driven technologies work and how your business will benefit by watching the recorded highlights here.

If you need any more information on how data insights can transform your business, then contact Percipient on 01606 871 332.

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