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29 February 2016

The Future of ERP

The Future of ERP

The ERP industry is constantly changing. New products, new technologies, new ideas all have an effect on the way we can help different industries realise the benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning, and a lot can change in a short period.

So as we’re halfway between the start of the calendar year and the new financial year, we thought we’d ask the ERP experts at our Cheshire base to have a look at five ways we think things are likely to change in the next 12 months…

  1. The Cloud turns into ‘the norm’

Cloud computing – and using it to host ERP systems and software – has been the buzz topic of the last few years. But it’s now at the stage where it’s less of a ‘novelty’ or an unknown quantity and will be seen as the standard specification. In fact, we’ve already started to find that to be the case with many of our own clients, as they realise the benefits it brings.

  1. The world’s on the move!

You don’t need us to tell you that everyone’s gone walkabout – mobile use outstripped PC use as far back as 2014, and as phones get smarter they, and tablets, are now the only form of computing device you need. That means more and more ERP functions will move onto mobile, with features such as dashboards, reporting and analysis perfectly adapting to app formats.

  1. Look – it’s gone consumer!

Alongside the move towards mobile, this year will see ERP taking on more and more of a ‘consumer’ look and feel. System interfaces will become more like the ones people use every day (think Facebook, Instagram or Windows 10, for example), as a younger generation of ERP users influence their design and want user-friendly formats that feel much more familiar. 

  1. Small is (increasingly) beautiful

Enterprise Resource Planning – as you’d expect from the name – has generally been seen as only for big corporations and multi-site enterprises. But small to medium-sized are now realising how they can benefit too from these feature rich solutions. So expect to see a shift towards ERP in smaller enterprises and businesses, especially as the major ERP players look to appeal to a wider audience By making features available to everyone. 

  1. Intelligent use of intelligence

Data has always been at the heart of ERP, and businesses are getting wise to the real value of the huge amounts of transactional and strategic information they’ve gathered over the years. We fully expect the trend will be an increased emphasis on finding ways to make the very best use of it – in other words, not just reporting on the data, but looking at how it can be used to drive business success for the future.

So there we are – our top five predictions for the coming year! ERP is, of course, a constantly-developing environment; but as always, you can rely on Percipient to keep you completely up-to-date.

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