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2 May 2018

Using Sage Enterprise Management Internally

Using Sage Enterprise Management Internally

Percipient Finance Team Using Sage Enterprise Management Internally

Aleisha joined Percipient a year and a half ago as a Business Administration Apprentice and decided early on that she wanted to start her Accountancy AAT qualifications and so is now on her second apprenticeship in Accounting at Percipient. We managed to grab a few moments of Aleisha’s time to ask her some questions about how she has found using Sage Enterprise Management internally in the finance team.

How long have you been using Sage Enterprise Management?

I started to use Sage Enterprise Management 17 months ago when I first joined Percipient. At first, I had no knowledge of Sage and now I use it every day. Each time I was given a new process to learn in Sage it was seamless, and I was able to use it within days with no faults.

What is your favourite thing about using Sage Enterprise Management?

The customisation capabilities are the best thing about Sage, if you have a lot of experience doing a certain process and then get an idea on how to make it better; it can probably be done in Sage.

What was it like using the system for the first time?

For me I had no accounting experience at all, initially it is overwhelming, as with all new concepts. But it was mere hours to learn a single process; and only a few days to learn almost all the processes I needed to do my job.

What does your day to day usage of Sage Enterprise Management involve?

I use Sage everyday for many different tasks. I input Purchase Invoices, create Purchase Orders, process Expenses and create Sales Invoices, to name but a few. I am also able to run reports for credit control and reconciliations.

Has the system benefited your Accountancy Apprenticeship in any way?

Getting to grips with an accounting system like Sage has been a massive help and the use of reports has helped me even more, being able to see where the debit matches the credit and where the accounts balance each other off has helped me get a great understanding of accountancy.

Percipient continue to add functionality to their internal Enterprise Management System to further benefit and enhance our finance function internally by using the powerful Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) reporting module, soon to roll out an advanced credit control module closely followed by Expense Management. Contact us to find out how Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management can enhance your business.

Aleisha Tipton | Accounting Apprentice

Percipient are experts in helping businesses improve and grow using ERP software. We’re one of the fastest growing and well thought of Sage partners in the UK and one of the longest-established and most trusted Oracle Applications partners. Both partnerships are key to the future success and growth of our company. Which means that, whatever your business, we can offer you the perfect solution to match your needs.
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